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selfieselfie   selfieselfie
Students in Mrs. Royden's advanced drawing and painting class have been working on portraits. Here, you can see how students used a grid and applied art elements of color, value, line, shape, and patterns to their pictures. These artists in residence also used rubrics to self-assess their work.   selfieselfie
Olelo Awards    
KIS students Edward Waller, Austyn Durham, Damian Alonso and Nizar Benotmane pose with the awards and prizes they won for their anti-bullying video titled, "Send". The video highlights just how serious cyberbulling can be, and reminds students to "think before you send".  The students won a Sony HD video camera for their class, as well as a trophy and certificates.  They also enjoyed a day at Ko Olina's JW Marriott Ihilani Ballroom for the awards ceremony program. Their video was chosen as the category winner for the Peacemaker Category at the Olelo Youth Exchange 2014 Student Video Competition.  In it's 11th year, the video contest gives young people of Hawaii a means to express themselves using videos.  Overall 800 entries were received, 119 finalists were chosen, and 37 first place awards were announced, including first place for our students video, "Send". Ms. Romfo is their teacher.


Eighth grader Kinyaaaanii Padilla-Dale pedals a bicycle to power a blender that is making smoothies.  This year he and fellow students in Mr. Howe's engineering classes have also constructed a 3-D printer and designed movement-based video game controllers for people with limited movement.



McDonald's Fundraiser for the KIS Band



KIS Student Tyson Noquez-Epil volunteers at Oahu SPCA - a shelter that malamas (cares) for dogs and cats. Tyson helps by washing and drying their bowls, folding towels, and cleaning cat cages. Tyson is pictured next to Huey, one of the loving dogs that needs a home. Huey recently was rescued from the shelter.

drama club  

drama club

drama club  

The KIS Drama Club presented three short plays about a girl and her dog, a convicted murderer and her lawyer, and an argument over the meaning of a painting.

The Dog I Love - Saige Kerns, Damian Alonso, Jhem Felipe, Deborah Beatty
Cell Block - Saige Kerns, Jhem Felipe, Deborah Beatty
Untitled #2 - Alyssa Rassmussen, Damian Alonso, Jhem Felipe

Directed by Kathy Bowers


Saige Kerns...................Girl named Plymouth and lawyer
Alyssa Rassmussen ...... Girl arguing about painting
Jhem Felipe...................Mom of Plymouth and convicted murderer
Damian Alonso............. Guy arguing about painting and Plymouth's dad
Deborah Beatty.............Clerk and guard

Kailua Intermediateʻs Garden Hui, a parent group, hosted a work day on Saturday, August 31 during which students and their families prepared the Malama Garden boxes for the new school year. In just a couple of hours the volunteers were able to trim the fence line, position and fill a new garden box that Dr. Hughes had made in the school wood shop, and weed and mulch the garden bins.  The group was able to use compost from the schoolʻs own mulch bin and vermicast produced by the schoolʻs own worms. Students Leah, Cameron, EJ, are pictured working in the garden. The garden bins have been adopted by teachers, staff members, classes, and clubs and thereʻs even a community bin. Parent Wendy Rosen will serve as the advisor for the newly conceived KIS Malama Garden Club and the first meeting is set for Monday, September 8, at 2:30 p.m. in the garden. Parents are also welcome



Nick Moss holds a sweet potato harvest from the Malama Garden Club, advised by Wendy Rosen. The club meets after school on Mondays.




Artwork Created by Mrs. Royden's Students


Make a Difference Day, November 2, 2013


Robotics Team Planning Their Mission Strategies.


5 girls

Five friends hanging out at the Windward District History Day Competition



Artist Ann Monaghan created the mural in the KIS Library.

Kailua artist, Ana Monaghan, recently completed an original mural for the Kailua Intermediate School library. This work, painted right on the wall in the corner of the library, covers approximately 110 sq. ft. and celebrates the people, culture, and place of Kailua. Along with native birds and a marsh background, images of hearts, rainbows, and butterflies promote messages of unity and good will across its expanse. Monaghan hopes that her work inspires young people to get along and produce their best work. The artist has been featured in more than 40 shows in Japan and Honolulu, and was awarded a top prize of Superior Excellence, at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art,  for a large and colorful painting of trees in bloom, at the International Modern Art Exhibition. Her work decorates the museum like Le Bistro-- French Restaurant,  on the NCL cruise liner, The Pride of Hawaii.

More information on Monaghan' visit her website.


Kailua Intermediate student leaders Ahokava Fine, Ruby Ranoa, and Saige Kerms helped promote Hawaii Meth Project's activities and message, "Not Even Once" at an assembly that took place on Exploratory Day.



Art Work Created by Mrs. Royden's Students



Robotics Team

Freedom Shrine?

The Freedom Shrine is a Collection of 32 Historic United States Documents (1600's to 1900's). These documents serve as windows to America's proud past. Find out more about these important documents we have on display. Thousands of Freedom Shrines have been dedicated throughout the United States and Puerto Rico in universities, libraries, schools, state capitals, city halls and at American outposts scattered throughout the world. The documents have been reproduced and permanently laminated to individual plaques. They are used by teachers, students, and other groups to study American history.


Robotics Team



Former KIS band students work with current KIS band students at a concert.


Robotics TeamRobotics Team

Robotics Team Members


Best Buddies club members Hayden and Niko share a moment after enjoying Three Sisters Soup, made from corn, squash and beans grown in the schoolʻs Malama Garden. The Iroquois believe corn, beans and squash are precious gifts from the Great Spirit, each watched over by one of Three Sisters spirits. Planted together, these crops provide a good example of harmony as the beans climb and stabilize the corn and the squash provides shade.  Hereʻs an easy recipe for Three Sisters Soup:


Place the corn, green beans, squash, and potatoes into a pot and add the broth. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low, and simmer until vegetables are soft, about 10 minutes. Blend flour into the butter, then stir into the soup. Increase heat to medium, and cook for 5 more minutes, or until soup thickens. Season with pepper and serve.




Members of the Holulea met with 7th grade students.


7th grader Serenity Crawford is our #1 KIS reader

"The reason that I like the library is because I can borrow books there and read books that I can’t get at home or on the internet.The type of books I read  are non-fictional and fictional manga, graphic novels and other fiction books.I feel like here at the library, this is the place where I have the freedom to read an

Bryanna Soares recently played in a softball ASA tournament
in Las Vegas and her team won third place.

Ms. Evans' social studies students created drawings featuring plants brought to Hawai'i by ancient Polynesians aboard vessels, such as the Hokule'a.



Seventh Grade Students visited the Polynesian Cultural Center.


The Garden Club harvested the first load of compost from our bins and full of worms!!!   The compost bins have been a school-wide project. The cafeteria saved the green waste for us. The custodians provided the yard waste to the bins. The Garden Club kept mixing and watering  the bins! The butterflies are very busy laying their eggs on the crown flower tree and there are lots of caterpillars out there. Come check it out!

2   5


At Kailua Intermediate's annual Exploratory Night on January 30, students got to make some noise with band members at the Instrument Petting Zoo, search for worms in the Malama Garden vermiculture bin, make arts and crafts, and play probability games, among other things.


Former KIS student, Zoey Johnson,

created this mural for the KIS campus

KIS Murals by Artists Solomon Enos and Ana Monaghan




Honolulu Board of Water Supply Visits 7th Grade

Community Relations Specialist, Mr. Arthur Aiu, of the City and County of Honolulu's Board of Water Supply (HBWS), spoke to seventh grade social studies classes on February 12, 2014.  Living on islands in the Pacific, a critical issue our state is concerned with is fresh water availability, conservation, management, and sustainability.  Mr. Aiu shared information on how early Hawaiians viewed fresh water (wai), the history of our island's water management, and current concerns.  In addition, students received a copy of the 2014 HBWS calendar complete with beautiful student artwork and poetry.  For more information on the HBWS, please visit their website at http://www.hbws.org.  



cafe mall

Vice principals Carmen Craig and Wess Unten and student leader Andreya Saberon dedicated the new cafeteria mall with a lei cutting ceremony and message to students to enjoy sitting together and to take care of one another.


Hawaii Opera Theatre presented Mikado during Action Period



Mikado by Hawaii Opera Theater

No, Kailua Intermediate is not for sale, but over 70 volunteers from Prudential Locations LLC converged at the school on Saturday, April 26 to paint non-skid lines throughout the campus. It's the 15th school in which Prudential Locations LLC has partnered with the 3Rs program to repair, remodel, and restore schools. Marshall Mower, a Partner with Prudential Locations LLC attended planning meetings and drummed up volunteer support from Prudential offices across the island. Jade Painting provided the non-skid paint, supplies, and assigned a foreman to each team of workers.  Junior Surfriders from AVID and Student Council helped at the sign in table, with refreshments, and painting.  Dale Vehemente from the DOE and Monica Kaui Baron from 3Rs, along with the 3Rs board and Vice Principal Carmen Craig also played essential roles. The non-skid striping project provided sweat equity required for a 3Rs grant in which KIS will receive help to build an outdoor hydroponics facility, install metal lettering at the front of the school that says "Kailua Intermediate School", and construct an outdoor cafeteria mall with tables and chairs.