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Conflict and Compromise in History

Visit this page often. Information is continuously being added. Last updated: 09/11/17

Please see Mrs. Nullet in the library for help, if needed. You can email questions to Mrs. Nullet at knullet@kis.k12.hi.us When emailing questions, include your full name, your teacher's name and topic. Check with your teacher for specific due dates.


What is the National History Day Contest, you ask? Each year more than half a million students just like you participate. You will choose a historical topic related to the annual theme, and then conduct primary and secondary research. You will look through libraries, archives and museums, conduct oral history interviews, and visit historic sites. After you have analyzed and interpreted your sources, and have drawn a conclusion about the significance of your topic, you will then be able to present your work in one of five ways: as a paper, an exhibit, a performance, a documentary, or a web site. Source: National History Day website

1. Read History Day Theme Should be completed in September

2 National History Day Sample Topics - See your teacher or librarian for additional ideas.

3. Complete Topic Selection Worksheet - When you select a topic, make sure the words Leadership and Legacy are in the title. For example, "My topic is "The 26th Amendment: 18-Year-Olds Have The Right to Vote, But Is It Their Responsibility?" Should be completed in September

4. Make sure there are enough resources available before you commit to a topic. Search the KIS library catalog and the Hawaii State Library to see what is available (use GENERAL KEYWORD instead of TITLE BROWSE). I highly recommend applying for a Hawaii State Library card.

FINDING INFORMATION Read How to Find Information. Complete Handout

5. Read What Are Sources Should be completed in September

6 Taking notes -Directions for HD Paper on the Facts of Your Topic

7. List 10 keywords on your topic. View Tutorial

8. Research Strategy Worksheet - Complete this as you are finding 10 keywords and your first 10 sources

8a Writing Effective Research Questions

9. Review - History Detectives: Secondary Sources Notetaking

10. Find magazine and newspaper articles in EBSCO – magazine and newspaper articles
User Name : kailua Password: kis Go to Student Research Center

11. Search Wikipedia - This is a tertiary source and not great for research. It can be good to search the Reference section.

12 Google images - When using Google images, make sure you go to the website where the image came from.

13. Locate information using Encyclopedia Britannica Online - User Name : kailua Password

14 Finding Worthy Web Sites

15 Internet Sources - USE THESE SOURCES


16 Use EasyBib - As you use sources, make sure you cite your sources immediately using Easy Bib or record sources in a Word document. Other types of sources

NHD Annotated Bibliography Information

17 Example of a History Day Bibliography Follow this example

How to Cite an EBSCO article in your bibliography

How to Cite Sources in Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Brittanica

18 You will need at least 25 sources in your bibliography from the following sources:

  • Books (2 or more)
  • EBSCO and other databases (3 or more) Newpapers and Magazines
  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online (1 or more)
  • Wikipedia (ONLY 1)
  • Wikipedia references (1 or more)
  • Websites (5 or more)
  • Video and sound clips if doing website or documentary - (2 or more)


19 What is Context?

20 What is Historical Context?

21 Taking Notes From Primary Sources

22 History Detective: Primary Source Notetaking

23 How to Analyze Primary Sources

24 Primary Source Analysis worksheet



24 History Day Rule Book - A must-read for competitions!!!


How To Create A Great Exhibit

Exhibit Example

Exhibit Judging Form

Exhibit (Display) Requirements

How To Create Great Documentary

Documentary Example

Documentary Judging Form

How To Create a Great Performance

Performance Judging Form

How to Create a Great History Day website

Official History Day Website Creator

Website Example - Missouri

Website Examples - Tennessee

Website Judging Form

How to Create a Great History Day Research Paper

Research Paper Judging Form

See Mrs. Nullet in the library or your teacher for an example of History Day research papers.