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Required Immunizations

Medical Requirements

The State Department of Health requires that students entering the Hawaii Department of Education public schools (DOE) for the first time must have the following:


Tuberculin skin test (TB) - No charge at Kane‘ohe Nursing Office, phone: 233-5450.

Student can not be enrolled without proof of a negative TB test.

Tuberculosis Clearance (T.B.) - No charge at Kaneohe Nursing Office, phone: 233-5450.

1. Must be completed within one year before first entrance into school in Hawaii, (preschool or K to 12).

2. The Tuberculin test (Mantoux) must be be performed by a U.S. licensed Medical Doctor (M.D.), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Advanced Practive Registered Nurse (APRN). Physician's Assistant (PA), or Hawaii Department of Health.

3. Student will not be allowed to register without proof of negative T.B. test. The certicate must include:

  • The dates of administration and reading of the Mantouz skin test (PPD).
  • The transverse diamenter of induration in millimeters
  • The signature or stamp of the MD, DO, APRN, PA or clinic

A completed Student Health Record (Form 14) including a physical examination and all required immunizations.


A signed statement and appointment card from your child's doctor.


Students transferrring from Hawaii's private and parochial schools must also comply with the health requirements listed above.


Physical Examinations: It is recommended that incoming 7th graders from Hawaii's schools receive a physical examination before September so that our medical history on each student will be up to date. Every doctor should have Form 14 for this check-up. This form should be presented to the health aide in September.

The need for any deviation from normal school activities should be brought to the attention of the school, i.e., asthma, rheumatic fever, epilepsy, allergies.


IMPORTANT: If, for any reason, the student is not able to participate in physical education and cafeteria duty, a written medical excuse from the doctor is required. The note should state the reason and duration of the restriction. This note should be turned into the health aide at the beginning of school or at the onset of any particular medical condition.


Other Requirements
1. The release form from the child's previous school.
2. The child's most recent report card.
3. Standardized test scores.
4. Proof of the child's address in the district. This proof of address must be a current utility bill that is in the name of the parent or legal guardian.
5. Copy of an official birth certificate from the vital statistics department of the issuing state.
  UPDATED: April, 2015